Gift a surprise box of 4 all-new books.

Gift books they would never have known before.

Gift a chance to save 4 amazing new books.

Gift 4

Sending boxes speaks louder than words - find the perfect box of 4 surprise books to express every feeling.

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With every box you gift, you open doors to 4 new worlds for your loved ones, created by amazing authors they might never have heard of.

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Over 77 millions books were destroyed last year in the UK. Every box you gift contains 4 brand new books that would otherwise have been lost forever.

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A surprise gift of 

4 amazing books.

Curated just for you.

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  • Holiday Season Faves
  • For Birthdays
  • For Celebration
  • For Recovery

Holiday Season Favourites

It's that time of the year when you bring a smile to your loved one's face by gifting them 4 all-new surprise books. 

Here are a few popular picks for the season!

For Birthdays

No matter what age you are turning, a book is always a great gift. Pick the perfect surprise box of 4 all-new books to help your special someone have a fantastic day, whether they are entering teenhood, tweenhood, or stepping into adulthood. 

For Celebration

Nothing is ever too small to celebrate! Whether it’s a YA book congratulating a friend on their graduation, or a light read to help your relative balance a new job, let’s make those key moments memorable with 4 all-new books that can be treasured forever.

For Recovery

Pass on your best wishes with the gift of some welcome escapism, with this thoughtful and considerate selection of surprise boxes.

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